The Academy

Campaign's Beginnings

Couldn’t get the introductory setting to the campaign to appear on the Wiki, not sure why the linking shit didn’t work. So when you’re in the Wiki just click see all posts or whatever in the sidebar and you should be able to find it. And yeah.




So I need everyone’s characters, preferably soon. Considering we’re doing this stuff Thursday. So yeah. I want them. Nao. And generally all is okay, any race is fine. Stuff like gnomes are just like, one of the regular races of the world, but with no particular home. No one really has a particular home really. lol. everyone’s just kind of around.

Your character has to be young, not like, kid young but like, if judging by humans, 18-25. with like, wizards and classes that require a lot more learning I will negotiate, but still, that general area please. It makes it easier for me.

Also, HAVE A BACKSTORY. I’m well aware we’re doing this shit after exams, but most/all of u are done wednesday I believe. so like, yeah. You’ll have time to at least make what your character is like. Because that’ll affect how people react to you.

So yeah, get this done for me please.

On Stuff...

So I will now actually start putting stuff up because yeah, apparently I’m dming :) So yeah, stuff will be up pretty soon I believe.

Stuff that Will Be Done

So I’m going to like, post some stuff in the next little while, totally so you guys have some information on towns and places and shiz. Cuz that kinda crud is important. haha.

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