And so it begins...

Tournament day. Combatant teams from all over Norvire come to face one another at the Academy Stadium. It is the only time non-members of the Academy come to the grounds, and as such teh town’s few innsa rea packed and teh Grand Masters are very busy getting ready for the Tournament. Eirethan, Ironhammer, Heldon and the Arms Keeper are constantly recruiting students to help with various tasks before the tournament begins.

When things begin: The students (Players) have just been assigned to bea team together, to go out into the world for final training. For the most part all formal training is done in the Academy – their only training will come from missions, work they will do outside of the Academy. For all of these things they will also get rewards.

They will have full acess to teh grounds, however the town will be off limits tournament day so as to make sure the competitors are not disturbed.

Some of the Grand Masters will have small tasks that they players may do if they so wish.

This is the background to how the campaign will start off. The story will unfold as things continue on

And so it begins...

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