Overview of the Campaign

The campaign shall be different from many others that we have played in that you’re free to create your character as you will, but it must be just barely an adult.

The main setting (at least initially) for the campaign will be set in The Academy, a school to train those who shall go out into the world and make a difference, whether it be for good or for ill.

The characters shall be close to graduating, however they still need to be trained in what it is like to be someone in the real world. As such, the characters (who all have their own specialized skills) are thrown into one party to work together to accomplish tasks that the Grand Masters of The Academy assign them.

The characters shall be free to do whatever they wish to do on the school grounds (which shall be vast). They shall only leave the grounds when one of the 10 Grand Masters assigns them a task. These tasks will vary from protecting civilians in a village from barbarians to robbing a caravan to find documents about a plot to take certain areas of the world.

Characters will be free to interact with Masters (teachers), other students, servants, and various other people who visit The Academy. When sent out on missions, characters will have freedom to do the tasks however they wish, and interact with the various people that shall be met along the way.

The Academy will have shops adhering to just about any need the characters may have, and will always be open for the characters. When the characters complete a mission, they may be rewarded with a free gift from one of the shops, or money to buy more supplies.

Though at first The Academy will seem like the perfect school, they will quickly discover the hidden net of secrets, deceit, murder, and hell that lies deeply embedded in the school.

The entire plot will in essence be based around The Academy. Missions that will take place outside of the school will not even always be available. There will be side quests taking place in the school as well (such as teaching a bully). The main focus of the campaign will be freedom to do whatever in the school, within reason. There will be ‘prefects’ of sorts, characters who act as enforcers of the rules within The Academy. Masters (teachers) will probably also act as such, and the decisions and actions the characters make will affect how other students, masters, servants, shop owners, and even the Grand Masters think of the party.

It will also be possible to strike relationships with storeowners, which may (or may not) benefit the party as a whole. Character histories will directly affect how people think of the character initially. It may be possible for the characters to change the impressions of others, but this is not as easy as it would seem.

Overview of the Campaign

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