The Grand Masters

The following are the ten Grand Masters of the Academy. They are the ten most powerful and wisest teachers, and are respected and revered by all. They rule the school, maintain order, etc. Here they are listed in a minute amount of detail, so as to give an overview of who each of them are.

Grand Master Artheus: A human of considerable and undisputed might. He is the reason the Academy is never bothered by Atharia or Norven, despite the cold war that is brewing between them. He sports a graying beard, bright eyes, and is usually seen wearing the auburn robes that signify his position as Headmaster of the Academy. Many believe he may be the most powerful man on the continent. Class: Wizard

Elvira and Thenilé: The representations of light and darkness in the Academy. Elvira is a female drow and head of the Monsastery of Darkness. Therilé is a female eladrin adn leader of the Monastery of Light. They also act as two of the Grand Masters in the Academy, teaching disciples in their respective monasteries. They are almost completely identical, save for their races. Class: Both are Clerics

Ironhammer: Dwarf Paladin, leader of the Monastery of War and a Grand Master in the council. Short, bright read beard, scars on his bald head from all of the battles he has fought in his past. Notably also the only male Grand Master to be a teacher at one of the monasteries. Class: Paladiño

Seraphina and Nathalia: Two Elven sisters and Grand Masters of the Monastery of The Arcane and Nature, respectively. One is fair haired, the other’s black as night. One is always calm, the other is as changing the weather that she so dearly loves. Class: Diviner and Druid, respectively.

The Arms Keeper (Master Arms Keeper): Dragonborn Fighter and Grand Master of the Art of Combat. Most train under him at some point regardless of what path they plan on following. Fierce, dangerous but jovial and kindhearted at the same time. Class: Fighter

Helden: Halfling bard who teaches the more subtle arts (roguery, entertaining, etc). Well-loved by all for his joviality but most know he’d slit their throat without a moment’s hesitation, if they were to get on his bad side. Class: Bard

Eirethan: Tiefling Grand Master in charge of administration, training, giving people assignmnets/missions, or explaining what needs to be done. Somewhat intimidating and seems to be in a bad mood much of the time, but generally a nice guy. Class: Warlock

Elvinthrar: A sorcerer of considerable power, tends to train casters in the art of controlling magic. Human, fairly young, but wise for his age due to teh tragedies embedded inhis past. Class: Sorcerer.

The Grand Masters

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